Switch pays off for Betfred regular who turned £1 into £100,000

Big Betfred Winner

A mother-of-two from Nottinghamshire has won £100,000 from just a £1 wager at Betfred.

The 50-year-old opted to chance her arm on Betfred’s Bonus King Bingo instead of her regular bet on the Irish Lotto.

Amazingly, all six numbers – including two she picked based around the birthday of a much-loved uncle who died abroad aged 65 – came out, winning her the £100,000 jackpot.

Her uncle’s birthday was 21st July 1965, so she picked the number 21 and added together six and five to make 11.

Three of the other numbers – namely 7, 14 and 24 – are all family members’ birthdays, while the number 29 is the number of the house where her family used to live.

She said: “We’ll be using some of the winnings to go abroad to visit friends of my uncle to tell them about our amazing good fortune.

“We may also use the money to get a place abroad, maybe Spain, so we have a property that the family can use in years to come – and also a nice trip to Las Vegas.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “Bonus King Bingo is very popular, and we have plenty of winners who win big from small stakes, but it’s rare that someone lands the £100k jackpot.

“Well done to this Betfred regular who has clearly thought long and hard about how she’s going to spend her winnings.

“It is a life-changing amount – and all for just a £1 stake!”

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