Betfred regular turns £2 into £25,000 on Irish Lotto

Big Betfred Winner

A great grandad was so determined to get his bet on that he went on a 10-mile round trip because Betfred had run out of coupons.

The 73-year-old retired engineer was feeling gloomy during stormy weather and, despite protests from his partner, went to his local Betfred shop on High Street West, Glossop, only to be told they had run out of his favourite Irish Lotto Cash Ball coupons.

But that didn’t stop him, as he then travelled to our shop on Beach Street, Hyde, where he picked out numbers 4, 10, 18, 27 and 39 – with the booster ball number 23.

All but number four were drawn out, and his £2 wager turned into a healthy £25,000 windfall.

He said: “It was absolutely chucking it down and my partner said I shouldn’t go out, but I ignored her as I kept thinking this would be the day my numbers come in.

“When I got to my local shop in Glossop they told me they’d run out of coupons, but I just knew I had to get this bet on.

“I was born in Gorton, and what does an international playboy from Gorton do when he’s won so much? Rent a caravan in Skegness for the family for a week in July, that’s what – and then a trip to Wetherspoons with his family for some fish and chips to celebrate.

“Most of the money will go on recarpeting every room in our home. It’s great to win so much from such a small bet.”

The father-of-two credits a long-time fishing pal with selecting three of his numbers – 18, 27 and 10.

He opted for 4 because it’s the age of his granddaughter – and she won’t be getting any sweets as a treat this week as that number didn’t come out.

39 was picked because it’s his son’s age – and 23 he’s always regarded as a lucky number as that’s when he changed jobs having completed his apprenticeship.

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “This fella has proved once again that you can win big from a tiny stake at Betfred.

“Well done to him, and I hope he enjoys his week in sunny Skegness when we’re all hoping there’s a change in the weather.”

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