Petra Felix

PETRA FELIX 1955 – 2010

Petra Felix was born Petra Holst in 1955 in Berlin Germany to an American serviceman and German mother. The family moved to Monterey California and then to Colorado Springs where she attended high school.

I met Petra in Illinois while visiting a friend at Southern Illinois University and we remained friends for over 30 years. We moved from Illinois to California in 1977 and enjoyed various personal and career pursuits. During those years, Petra got involved with several artists and clothing designers and was influenced by one who painted beautiful Kimono inspired pieces on silk. Petra wore many of those original pieces and they became her signature look. She also enjoyed painting and collecting art which she continued to do until she met John Felix in 1984. Together they shared many artistic dreams, one of which was to have an art gallery of their own.

There is a signature piece of Petra’s from 1982 which John has reproduced to a larger than life size which he gave to me recently at the gallery opening and which I enjoy as a daily reminder of her.

Petra would be pleased to know that John’s reality has come to fruition as a showcase not only for the art of his family and himself, but for that of up and coming artists, clothing and jewelry designers.

Patricia Felix


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