Original Art

PETRA GALLERIE represents some of the hottest local Los Angeles development artists from the Animation, Video Game and Comic Book fields. We also carry beautiful original jewelry for men and women, leather clothes and accessories as well as limited edition T-Shirts and Hoodies that apply the talents of said artists to a canvass you can wear.

In addition to one of a kind originals, PETRA GALLERIE offers a great opportunity to collaborate with some of the artists we represent. The client can participate in picking custom color ways, textures and additional elements to turn our High End Canvass Reproductions into original one of a kind masterpieces. Our jewelry and leather goods offer the same sensibilities. Customers can choose from a variety of designs, sizes and materials to make something as unique as they are.

This aesthetic is unique to PETRA GALLERIE which allows buyers to have a hand in the creative process, and we are proud to offer this feature into the fine art community.