John Felix

John Patrick Frye Felix was born in Glendale California, spending his childhood in Hollywood and Palm Springs. The desert as well as his performer grandparents, artist mother and musician father all influence his work. John grew up with music, movies and art so the dream of opening a gallery has been long held. John lives today in Culver City near his son Nick and mother Pat.

John Felix’s art has grown with the man. As a child he always had a piece of paper and pencil – his Grandmother Mimi even saved the half white half gold sided papers from the inside of a package of cigarettes so he’d never be without the means to doodle. His early pieces were black and white pencil sketches– so it was a natural transgression.

As a young teenager John became fascinated by westerns and the tales of his Father’s WWII exploits, this led him to not only make a series of pencil sketches of those subjects but also to create western screen plays. With friends and family as his cast, John filmed his westerns in a deserted desert town on 35mm film. The sketches were realistic art with an emphasis on costume, body angles and facial expressions.

The early films led to a love of photography and John is seldom without a camera. His glimpses of everyday life embrace both the mundane and the bizarre concentrating on color and angle. John continued drawing but he has recently experimented more with fantasy, delving into Godzilla like monsters and robotic figures expanding into the realm of the unreal using colored pencils.


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